Man sporting ankle monitor and navy hat randomly sits on one other man sleeping on floor at airport

That is so bizarre. An overweight male traveler sporting a military-style hat and an ankle monitor randomly plops down on one other passenger’s stomach who was mendacity on the bottom.

We don’t even know the right way to course of this one. In what must be one of the weird issues we’ve seen in a very long time a male passenger was laying on the bottom on the airport when one other male passenger randomly plops down on his abdomen.

What makes it even weirder is the person is sporting a military-style hat (aka “cowl”) and is proudly displaying an ankle monitor of some kind.

The person laying on the bottom is off to the aspect and out of the best way and an unseen male passenger is filming the offending “plopper” who seems to be on the telephone. The tubby man then marches over to the susceptible passenger and actually simply drops his full weight on the opposite man.


The startled man jumps up and a quick verbal fracas ensues. It doesn’t get bodily, though it definitely may have. The person mendacity on the bottom didn’t seem like a slouch and possibly would have gotten the higher of the plopper if it turned bodily.

One other man enters the scene and though unclear, it appears as if possibly he was touring with the plopper and though it’s exhausting to listen to the physique language suggests he’s apologizing for the opposite man.

The particular person filming the occasion is type of surprised by the entire thing and requested the assaulted celebration in the event that they knew the plopper – assuming he did and that some kind of prank was underway. The entire thing is wild.

Commenters within the subreddit recommend the ankle monitor is an alcohol monitor and that maybe the person is drunk as a method to elucidate his uncommon conduct. Pre-pandemic we’d in all probability agree with that evaluation, however the final two years of pandemic-era journey chaos has given us sufficient proof that there are only a lot of offended, bizarre, nuts on the market…so who is aware of!

After all, it may simply be a prank and the jokes on us.


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