Emergency Touchdown: Lion Air 737 Experiences Engine Fireplace

A Boeing 737 belonging to Indonesian provider Lion Air skilled an engine fireplace shortly after takeoff. The plane, carrying 165 passengers and 6 crew members, needed to make an emergency touchdown at its base Soekarno-Hatta Worldwide Airport.

The plane was scheduled to make a flight between Jakarta (CGK) and Palembang, a 45-minute journey.

Based on reviews within the media, the plane skilled an uncommon efficiency on one in every of its engines. The pilot determined to return instantly to keep away from issues.

Though the character of the engine hassle has but to be confirmed by the airline on the time of scripting this report; pictures circulating on social media level to one of many aircraft’s engines catching fireplace.

Comparable occurrences up to now

Whereas it isn’t widespread to see aircraft engines catching fireplace, it isn’t unprecedented, though there have been circumstances of planes catching fireplace in different components. Just a few weeks again, an Air India Specific aircraft needed to be evacuated through slides after one of many engines caught fireplace whereas it was nonetheless taxying. 

The plane was continuing on the taxiway when the pilot observed that the quantity two engine of the aircraft was on fireplace.

A SpiceJet plane needed to make an emergency touchdown in June after one in every of its engines caught fireplace shortly after takeoff. The pilot caught the attention of observers and has been counseled for touchdown a loaded plane on a brief runway. 

Is the engine inclined to fireplace?

There have been a number of remoted incidents of planes catching fireplace within the engine components. That isn’t to say that plane are inclined to fireplace. Nonetheless, the engines and the Auxiliary Energy Unit (APU) are elements of the aircraft the place numerous warmth is produced. Nonetheless, a number of the finest fireplace detection and extinguishing programs are all positioned close to these plane elements.

Lion Air Boeing-737| © Wikimedia Commons
A Boeing-737 belonging to Lion Air| © Wikimedia Commons

How does the pilot know if an engine is on fireplace?

Many programs are put in place to allow a pilot to detect fireplace within the engine to allow them to comply with protocols to mitigate the scenario. Though a uncommon case, if and when this type of scenario happens, there are fireplace extinguishing programs on the plane.



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