easyJet to improve its Airbus A320 fleet with Descent Profile Optimization and Steady Descent Strategy

easyJet is to improve its Airbus A320 Household fleet with Airbus’ “Descent Profile Optimisation” (DPO) – a fuel-saving enhancement to the plane’s on-board Flight Administration System (FMS) efficiency database and “Steady Descent Strategy” (CDA) to cut back noise influence on the bottom. The European short-haul airline will grow to be the most important operator worldwide utilizing these highly effective mixed options.

The DPO and CDA features enable plane to descend from cruise altitude utilizing solely idle engine thrust. This reduces gasoline consumption and related CO2 and NOx (nitrogen oxide emissions) reductions in addition to to noise. To additional improve gasoline discount and noise influence, DPO and CDA maximise the time spent at environment friendly cruise degree -by not beginning the descent too early and eradicating the ‘level-off’ stage on the backside of the descent when the plane’s engines generate thrust to keep up degree flight in dense air previous to ultimate touchdown method.

Following the improve, which can be in place by the top of 2023, easyJet’s complete fleet, of greater than 300 Airbus A320-Household plane, can be geared up with DPO and moreover CDA for appropriate plane.

Optimization of the plane’s flight trajectory is without doubt one of the key components to additional enhance effectivity in cooperation with Air Site visitors Management. By optimising the descent trajectories of its plane and decreasing the gasoline move to the engines -arising from the bottom ‘idle’ thrust setting throughout the descent phase- because of the DPO and CDA features, easyJet will save greater than 98,000 kg of gasoline per yr per plane throughout its community in Europe. This can cut back CO2 emissions by over 311 tons per yr per plane, or 88,600 tons of CO2 annually for the complete A320 Household fleet, representing a major contribution to extra sustainable flight operations.

DPO and CDA are simply a few of the a number of flight operations optimisation options supplied by Airbus and its flight operations providers subsidiary Navblue. Along with improved Air Site visitors Administration, these gasoline financial savings and emissions reductions options allow operators to start out aviation decarbonisation now.


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