Are You a Good Cookie? Let’s Discover Out!

Within the UK, they’re known as biscuits. In Spain, galletas. In Italy, biscotti. In Germany, keks. In America, we simply know them as cookies…and we eat greater than 2 billion of them yearly!

We certain do love cookies, a beloved staple meals that by no means fails to cheer up our day. Our fascination with cookies appears countless, and that’s why we crave enjoyable info about them virtually as a lot as their taste or texture. For instance, do you know that cookies originated in Persia — modern-day Iran — within the seventh century? Or that October 1st is Nationwide Home made Cookies Day? Ever puzzled who invented the chocolate chip cookie? Should you typically really feel such as you is likely to be associated to Sesame Road’s Cookie Monster, then chunk into this quiz crammed with scrumptious info about our favourite snack and keep watch over low cost flights in October — or some other time, actually — to those cookie historical past locations!

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