See the Chilean Eagle at Bahía Esperanza Park

The Chilean Eagle, also called the Mora Eagle, is a chicken of prey that lives in South America and is broadly present in Chilean Patagonia’s Parque Bahía Esperanza. It primarily inhabits mountains and hills and nests in giant timber or in crevices in cliffs.

In accordance with the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the standing of the Chilean Eagle is secure, nonetheless, the destruction of its habitat and unlawful looking have gotten an issue for his or her inhabitants.

Some native folks imagine that, being a chicken of prey, it’s a menace to livestock, which has led to elevated looking by ranchers. Educating the group about this species is a precedence.

Measuring between 70 and 90 centimeters, the Chilean Eagle’s wingspan usually reaches 2 meters. It’s simple to determine by its contrasting black and white coloring and by its attribute flight, with quick wingbeats and a really erect tail. The grownup male has a white ventral space, with advantageous black stripes, and a black again with greyish-colored feathers on the wings. The feminine seems very related, however may be distinguished by her bigger dimension.

This animal takes benefit of the wind to glide, which it usually does in circles, retaining looking out for its prey, amongst that are rodents, snakes, and even birds, which it hunts by swooping down, killing them instantly with its sturdy claws and peak. It’s a pure pest controller. Identified for its pace in flight, as quickly because the eagle detects its prey it may possibly swoop down at speeds as much as 160 km/hr.

The Chilean Eagle is monogamous; it would solely have one companion all through its life except one in all them dies or can’t produce offspring. Usually, the feminine lays between 1 and a pair of eggs and they’re incubated for a mean of 30 days. The younger are born with brown feathers, and whereas they’re rising and fed by their mother and father for as much as a 12 months, they develop the placing black and white coloring.

We invite you to come back observe it and luxuriate in its imposing flight and presence, turning into one of many few fortunate sufficient to see it in individual! To be taught extra about this unbelievable chicken of prey and plan your go to to Parque Bahía Esperanza, please go to

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